Diving or Sinking

My latest artists case study was Karina Llergo. I saw her work online some time ago and spent many days simply staring at it, mesmerized. It took a while for the paintings to sink in and connect themselves to the jigsaw puzzle that is my MA project. I wrote a blog about her work just now and now I want to talk about the painting I completed today that sprang from my analysis of her work.

You could say that the following painting is an amalgamation of all the experiments and secondary research I have done thus far. It does not reflect work inspired by a single artist, rather it is a layered work showing all the steps I have taken so far on this journey. So, we have the textured under layer, followed by the acrylic pour and the dropping of inks, and even an over painting (if that’s a word). 

Here’s the short excerpt I wrote when I posted it to my social media (yes audience interaction is of supreme importance to me!).

Life plunges us into innumerable risks and challenges. It is up to you whether you end up diving in or sinking.

Because those are the feels I get from his painting. Haha.

I also recorded some parts of the WIP version of this painting. I sent that to Jonathan and I’m hoping it can be part of the projection at the inauguration of the new building, but I have no idea if its good enough or right enough. So here is that WIP:

I guess I was trying to incorporate movement into the acrylic pour, and also attempting to try another way of retaining some form in the midst of the abstract. I guess I was employing these techniques in an attempt to tell a clearer more vibrant story.

The next step from here on is the current piece I am working on where I try to use a piece of air dry clay to sculpt a part of the painting and use a stained glass mosaic on it in an attempt to combine the two mediums. But, I have kind of fallen in love with this painting to the extent that I want to conduct a few more experiments with this kind of work. So, if the mosaic sculpture doesn’t work out, at least I know that I have one thing that does work! Heartening 🙂

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