The Infinite Hourglass– Qualia Nous Vol.2 (an anthology edited by Michael Bailey)–Buy Here

Andheri Nagri –Hachette Book of Indian Detective Fiction —Buy here

Corpses Float, Pearls Sink, Luminescent Machinations (an anthology by Neon Hemlock Press)–Buy Here

Falling Down the Wayle, Chiral Mad 5 anthology– Buy here

The Petticoat Government, Fantasy Magazine – Read here

Steeling Minds, Kalicalypse anthology by Future Fiction– Buy here

The Aviary, 99 Tiny Terrors edited by Jennifer Brozek — Buy here

‘Almost Human’, Gollancz book of South Asian Science Fiction edited by Tarun K. Saint — Buy here

The Seeds that Grow Inside People, The Aleph Review Vol. 5–Buy here

The Shape of Snowflakes, The Translunar Traveler’s Lounge 2020–read here

The Art of Precious Scars, non-fiction essay long listed for the Zeenat Haroon Rashid Writing Prize– read here

More than a Mother, Poem in 100 Words of Solitude anthology of lockdown poetry, 2020 —buy here

‘The Puppetmaster’ 2019 — read here

‘The Man who could not Change the World’ 2015 – read here