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Blog posts regarding the events I manage to organize and collaborations I end up being part of.

The Untold Edition — Blogger’s Meetup

One of the ways in which I could simultaneously advance: My understanding of how social media operates My project proposal objective of encourage bloggers and influencers to speak out on things that matter was to host a blogger’s meet-up before my Untold Edition events. So I got in touch with a really cool cafe in Karachi called Esquires Coffee. We invited 20 bloggers to come, network, live Instagram about our project and then write a bit about it later as well. We got some really cool bloggers on board such as: …

Public art with Kaf Cafe

The final outcome I’ve envisioned in my project proposal is a public art installation. To lay the groundwork for creating this installation the next steps I need to take are collaborating with places in Jeddah to create public art to gain exposure and learn more about the process. One such collaboration was with Kaf cafe. I went there originally as part of my weekly AlfKalimah write-in but ended up chatting with the owners. They invited me to exhibit art there, which I will do soon. They also invited me to participate in a fun project they were doing with approximately …

Displaying work at InstaMania

Displaying work at InstaMania

On November 23 and 24th I’m part of a group exhibit called “InstaMania”. Got lots of work to do for it but Unit 1 Assessment comes first! On the plus side, my business cards are ready. To do list: Lots of things to create Finish a couple of Iridescent Alloys get in touch with exprint to see if some of my work can be turned into hi-def prints!

The Untold Edition — Mural Painting

Hospitals all over the world have really beautiful murals or paintings on their walls. It makes sense; the patients could use a therapeutic and relaxing ambience. Not so in Karachi. Most hospitals look like dumps in the middle of dump sites. And the bigger, better ones have a clinical edge that is almost frightening. Street art has been done many times to beautify Karachi (soon overwritten by graffiti, more often than not) but hospitals hadn’t been paid attention to much. Coincidentally, around the same time as I planned this, another architect, Haya Qadri, came up with a similar plan titled …