Public art with Kaf Cafe

The final outcome I’ve envisioned in my project proposal is a public art installation. To lay the groundwork for creating this installation the next steps I need to take are collaborating with places in Jeddah to create public art to gain exposure and learn more about the process.

One such collaboration was with Kaf cafe. I went there originally as part of my weekly AlfKalimah write-in but ended up chatting with the owners. They invited me to exhibit art there, which I will do soon. They also invited me to participate in a fun project they were doing with approximately 10 other artists. They were asking the artists to use thier distinctive style to transform one table at the cafe. So essentially the cafe would be full of tables belonging to different artists.

The concept of this was just so enthralling. I mean usually art is so pristine, so disconnected from the audience. You certainly don’t do all that hard work so people can drink (and potentially spill) coffee on it!

It was messy. It was new. It was so reflective of the engagement which is an inseparable part of the digimodernist era. Of course I agreed.

And of course, I took the opportunity to create another Iridescent Alloy 😀


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