The Indie Arts and Crafts Show and my first magazine feature!

This summer I was part of one of the largest arts and crafts shows hosted in Karachi by The Crafter’s guild: The Indie Arts and Crafts Show. It was a great opportunity to not only exhibit/sell work but also to meet other artists. It was absolutely incredible to see so much talent and get to befriend people with similar interests. Here are some pictures from the show; it also resulted in me getting featured in a magazine for the first time.

Indie Art & Craft Show 2018

The most interesting part of the whole thing were the conversations I had with the people who stopped by. From girls who wanted me to convince their parents to allow them to study art (yes, stereotypes are true, brown people only consider a few professions worthwhile LOL), to people who were mesmerized by the Iridescent Alloy I had put on display. It was actually by taking that bold step and placing it on the stall (not for sale since it was a prototype) that I got the confidence to pursue this line of inquiry further. People were quite obsessed with it, wanting to touch it, wondering how it had been made, even wondering what it meant to portray. I loved finding out how thought provoking my art could be.

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