The Other Story Project — Illustrated

The Other Story Project, mentioned in one of the previous blog posts, is a public art project I’ve been following for quite some time. I guess it is exactly my idea of using various forms of art and community involvement to build a cultural narrative.

The Other Story Project often orchestrates a collaboration with artists to create a version called “The Other Story Project–Illustrated”. In January they reached out to me to join the team of artists illustrating one story each for the month of February. This is the story I was given (originally in Arabic, below is a close translation):

“My story is a temporary existential crisis. Perhaps it will be temporary or perhaps it will be permanent. In every experience I undergo, I end up feeling the same way. I feel I do not to belong to this society. It is a tired feeling; always in doubt. Is this society for me?! Am I from this community?! I feel a lot of alienation. Although I am from this land but I am not from this community!”

Inspired by the work of artists Kwang Ho Shin, as well as looking to further experiment with pouring paint and underlying textures, this is the painting I created to illustrate the story:

Somehow, despite diving into it totally blindly and experimentally, I feel the piece visualizes the angst in this story to perfection; formless, faceless, in the midst of a colorless society.

The exhibition is due to take place in April!

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