Artist Case Study 3: Jackie Peach

In my quest to find form within the abstract art of acrylic pouring, I stumbled onto artist Jackie Peach. I loved how her paintings were created through pouring paint and yet held a distinct image.

Just like me, Jackie Peach began art after being propelled into business school because people need “sensible” careers. And then, just like me, life caught up really fast and she had to put her dreams on hold. Anyway, she got back on track and I can relate to that and find that really inspirational.

Another thing that is really interesting is where she gets her inspiration from for her paintings. Her paintings depict her memories from all her life and travels. So essentially her paintings are the way the stories of her life are imprinted in her mind. The blue of an ocean, the curl of a wave, the heat of a summer. They’re specific, yet universal narratives of life.

Jackie Peach is a pouring artist who is trying to recreate her memories. That usually means that she has an image in her mind that she is trying to depict on canvas. So, even though she also uses the same pouring, tipping, rolling that other pouring artists do, she is looking to recreate a semblance of the form that is in her mind.

I watched a short video of her working and found came across some really interesting techniques that she uses for example, blowing with a straw, using the stick end of a brush to manipulate the paint, dripping wet on wet paint etc. Another really interesting thing I heard her say was that she doesn’t limit herself to a single pour. It may take many layers of pouring and re-working to get the painting she needs.

This also reminded me of the .gif Janet worked on, where the painting evolved in a way that you could no longer see the under-layers and our following discussion on how difficult it is to work over something you’ve already made and potentially lose out in the process!

This is the painting I am currently working on. I am trying to create an oceanic feel and while I feel it’s getting there I definitely need a couple more layers and some texture before it is exactly where I want it to be. And, of course, I am here writing this blog instead of working on it because I fear losing this beautiful pour once I begin adding further layers :'(

I am aiming to submit it to an upcoming exhibition though I have no idea if it will get selected. This is an acrylic pour on wood and I intend for this to be my first piece where I try to amalgamate sculpture and mosaic into painting!

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