Final Show Final Set up

After a gruelling journey (6 hours on plane and then multiple occurrences to delay us further!) we finally made it to our airbnb. I was unable to make it to university on the 1st and I think I helped out far too less even on the 2nd and 3rd. But I definitely underestimated the challenges of travelling with all three kids and was bogged down by lack of sleep and the random upheavals of tired children (Manahil had a horrifying nosebleed for example :|).

Anyway, thanks to a TON of help from Jonathan and Terry I was able to finally set up my final show ideas to my satisfaction and even help tidy up Robin’s corner a bit.

Jonathan had prepared the lightbox by using a ceiling light panel! So that was a LOT of work saved.

Also I had to compress the video into a USB to make it more convenient to play on the media player. And we had to switch projectors to get a short thrown one, to amplify the projection. The journal is nestled on a plinth behind the first layer of fabric.

It was also great to meet everyone again, and also a bit sad since we will probably be out of touch after graduation.

I couldn’t take a complete photograph of my set up since the panorama option doesn’t work with video projection and the set up was quite wide. But here are a couple of photos. 

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