MindMap and WeHe Exhibitions

A while ago I was invited to a private viewing at Athr Gallery’s latest exhibit consisting of a group of international artists. When I went there I realized there was another exhibit on display on a different floor. So I got to see MindMap and WeHe at the same time.

Mindmap was interesting to me from the start because it resembled so closely with what I was trying to exhibit in the final show. The artist in question was using lines to create a semblance of our thoughts. There was a massive installation in the center, a platform filled with twigs painted red and organized in concentric shapes. Every artwork appeared like a labyrinthine mind, and it was interesting to see the different manifestations of this, using the sticks, on the fabric, as prints on the wall and even a projection on a wall.

WeHe was an interesting concept. The word itself referred to dwelling and the exhibit pieces varied from an artist’s take on concrete benches, to bronze sculpted objects that belonged to an ancient era, to hand woven rugs depicting an aerial view of a forest (again something I found very fascinating), and finally the cloud spheres of Flavie Audi which really caught my attention. Flavie Audi was basically working in the medium I wanted to from the very beginning: glass. She had melted, melded and experimented with glass to create little snowglobe spheres, each encapsulating a fantastical world in themselves.

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