So where does that leave me for the final show?

As I mentioned in the brainstorming post earlier, the following ideas are what I want to work with:

  • Project a video montage (on a loop) of my exploration of Jeddah and Karachi, and the projects I held, not in a chronological sequence (more like snippets of memory) on draped chiffon. Preferably draped in a way that allows people to walk around it, influencing what others see, altering the shape of the fabric with their movement, effectively becoming a part of the project in a  strange kind of way.
    • That way, I can use a projector on site and simply leave the chiffon behind.
  • Create a painting out of pieces that people can choose to walk away with. The problems with this were that so many canvases, even mini ones would be quite heavy. So I’ve decided to create those resin canvases I blogged about earlier. Little resin painting geodes, glimmering, reflecting and altogether creating a giant painting. What will that painting show? Each of those resin squares will appear as an abstract work, which, when joined together will present like an abstract map. Because this entire MA journey has been about one thing: finding myself. Finding my voice, finding my place, finding my creativity, and finding my strength. And this is the best way I can say that.
    • I plan to attach a magnet to the back of each resin square (though both sides of the painting are equally pretty so that’s a shame) and hang a giant magnetic board which I can fill with these pieces. That would make it easier for people to take parts away. I can keep thinking about a better way to present this, because in the end I would have to leave the magnetic board behind, though the remaining pieces can be easily shipped, they’re so light.

So that’s the idea! Let’s see what happens in the tutorial discussion now 🙂

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