A side note on glass

Again, I haven’t written about my experience at the MET yet, but the work that drew my eye and heart was the iridescent glasswork of Tiffany Studios. It was mesmerizing. It was also impossible to create/explore without the proper tools.

Fusing glass began to really attract me after visiting this exhibit. Now I knew that it was too close to the final show to be experimenting with an entirely new technique, so this was an exploration for the future. But also, there was no harm in dabbling in glass fusion, was there? But how? There are literally no glassblowing studios or places with glass kilns available in Jeddah.

Enter, the microwave kiln. It’s tiny, its handy, and its imperfect, but it is an interesting way to fuse glass at home. It gave me a chance to explore shapes, and the way types of glass melded and melted into each other. The way heat affected the glass and how it reacted to temperature changes as it annealed. So here is my glass exploration 101, I hope the future will bring more complex glass experiments:

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