Unit 1 result

The highlight of last year was definitely the Unit 1 result. As an artist, most of the time you work without validation. So much of the stuff you make or the stuff you do just drifts by. Even with collaborative events, though they connected so many people and touched so many lives, there is no tangible validation that accompanies them. And that’s okay.

But I can’t deny, that it definitely felt good to get an A-. When I opened the unit 1 result I was greeted by a B, and then I scrolled down and found a whole lot of other As and realized that the final grade was dependent on this grade breakdown. phew! I was a little bit disappointed in myself that I got a B+ in my research paper, but I also understand why that happened. While writing the research paper I got so caught up in the findings I wasn’t able to distill it down to one core answer. One more iteration of the paper would have left me in a much better place. But, that’s okay! What I learnt is what matters.

And here’s the interesting thing, a B is commendable because according to the accompanying words, it shows we did well. So an A – is really exciting!!!

Now the only pressure is, I really want to get another A- or A (or A+ 😮 ??) for Unit 2 so that I graduate with a distinction. If I don’t get at least an A-, that won’t happen. So fingers crossed!!!!!

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