Still processing….

I want to write. I want to update my reflective blog. I do. I have this backlog of posts cluttered in the drafts section.

But at the moment I’m kind of overwhelmed. I’m hungover from the excitement of the latest ‘The Untold Edition’ event. I honestly can’t believe it worked out the way it did. When we envision an outcome for our art, we hope against hope it’ll come true and, more often than not, it doesnt! But how should we react when it goes above and beyond our vision? How should we react when the art goes beyond what we imagined? What can we do but bask in its epic-ness and let it sink in.

So, while I absorb it all in, I’m just going to go ahead and share a sneak peek of the latest event and write what I wrote on my Instagram account today.

Epic. Thats the word for this event.

I had a vision for #TheUntoldEdition #KolachisaiKarachitak tour, but this event went way beyond my vision and expectations.

Sitting on pavements and painting. Watching crowds gather to see our process, recording us in fascination. Forging unforgettable friendships and meeting likeminded souls. Standing up for Karachi and its causes. A wholehearted collaboration between artists to recreate Karachi through brush and pen.

Trekking through Karachi in the hazy sunlight, we discovered its soul.


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