Some artists of interest

This is an ongoing informal blog about some artists who may have inspired me or I may have researched further.

Yayoi Kusama: I researched Yayoi Kusama’s work alot for my research paper. I don’t even know where to begin describing how she inspires my work. Not only was her fame propelled by instagram but she creates these installations which are literally the reflection of digimodernism. I wrote alot about it in my research paper so will hark back to that if I need inspiration.

  • Narcissus garden
  • Infinity mirrored rooms
  • obliteration room

Jim Bachor: Bachor is impressed by the long history of mosaics, but he also resists it. “Mosaics carry a lot of baggage. There are entrenched, preconceived ideas as to what they are,” he continues. “My approach is to try and drag mosaics into the 21st century by exploring contemporary subject matter, modifying techniques, and rethinking the process when I can.”

Rosana Fattorini

Toyoharuu kii

Luciano Petris

Jack Whitten: figurative ideas of mosaic, using slices of paint as tesserae (explore further!)

Jack Whitten, Beloved Painter of Abstract Cosmologies, Dies at 78

Guilio menosi: 

  • I love the use of vibrant colors in his work. It’s definitely something I would want to explore further since I inevitably end up using colors in my own work.
  • I wonder what those arcs are made of? I love how every kind of item becomes a tesserae for him.
”After vanquishing the fear of colour, of large-scale works, slowly I felt growing in me a consciousness, deliberately affirming its will.”

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