Evolution of the project proposal

At the beginning of the year, this is what I started with:

MA project proposal

This was a very raw understanding of what I wanted to do.

  • I could identify inspiration
  • I could identify various strands of my practice
  • I could not see how the pieces fit together
  • I had an idea of the outcome, just now how I could get there

The process of arriving at the final project proposal was very organic. So although the final proposal seems like a huge jump from the initial one, blogposts in the middle exemplify the process. In short, digimodernism and an acceptance of uncertainty bridged the gap between my community projects and my art in studio. The fact that my work as a social media influencer picked up pace during this time also contributed to the thought process. Not to mention the research that went into creating the research paper gave me so much context!

Here is the final project proposal which is now pretty concrete, and details the plan for this MA.

MA Project Proposal (final)

the bibliography is quite comprehensive and color coded, it describes a lot of the secondary and primary research I have done and will do. Some of the artists I looked up are missing from the bibliography to avoid posting an overwhelming amount of links.

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