The Day of Lists

Ah, Jonathan was right! This blog has the ability to just grow and grow in the sneakiest of ways! Like mushrooms!

I mean it becomes like a juggling act between doing and writing. The doing comes more naturally and happens faster, leading the writing to lag and become a thing that happens more in the head than on the blog. Until one fine day you have a gigantic list of the writings that need to urgently be completed while the doings keep prodding you and saying, ‘hey focus on us, focus on us’.

So, today will be the day of lists. I will list down all the blogs I have been THINKING of writing so that in the coming days I can get down to it and tackle them one by one. Because, you know, the doing never stops. And the writing is important to this course!

Before I begin the list let me just encapsulate in a few short sentences what I have been up to and what comes next:

  1. The planning for “The Untold Edition” is underway! It really seems like this might work out!!

  2. First attempt at turkish lamp failed 😮 massively 😮 (blog about this soon)

  3. Second attempt happens tonight before I step into the gigantic and mysterious abyss of sculpting with clay!

  4. Regular work is going on too. Too many things to detail here.

So the blog:

  1. I have been wanting to properly show case all the artists I am looking into and so far the list is very long and I keep going off track. So this is the list of all the artists I want to look at and learn from (in no particular order):

    1. Jackie Peach

    2. Richard Long

    3. Yves Klein

    4. Anish Kapoor

    5. Joseph Beuys

    6. Paul Klive

    7. Sherif Waked

    8. Rashid Johnson

    9. Karen Tarlton

    10. Carol Wagner

    11. Ariel Shoemaker

    12. Brian Miller

    13. Simryn Gill

    14. Felix Gonzalez

    15. Karina Llergo

    16. Hila Laiser Beja

    17. Giorgio Mirandi

    18. Marcel Duchamp

    19. Claude Monet

    20. Takako Hirai

    21. Kwang Ho Shin

    22. Kato Yasukage

    23. Mineo Mizuno

    24. Rodin

    25. Marc Chagall

    26. Jean Dubuffet

  2. I also want to research some community art projects to get more ideas so here are a few that I need to write blogs about:

    1. The Keys Project

    2. AIDS memorial quilt

    3. The Global Mosaic Project

    4. The America Windows

    5. The Angel Wings project

  3. I also need to write about some of the places I visited lately:

    1. The Poetry Foundation

    2. The Museum of Science and Industry

    3. Athr Art Gallery

  4. I need to write blogs on the skype discussions and video lectures.

Phew. Felt good to get that organized. That’s not such a long list, is it? 😐

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