Reassessing where I’m headed
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My continuing journey as a writer…
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The MA Fine Art chapter comes to an end
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The Untold Edition returns
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By Kehkashan K  /  Oct 18, 2016

Skype Session 18 recap! and the research paper email

The term began again last week, and may I just say, it began with a bang. The research paper was upon us! So last week’s Skype session Jonathan walked us through a document he would email later about what the research paper is and how to tackle it. I’m just adding the document here so I can access it easily later. research paper EXTENDED briefing with examples There was a lot of information, and I think I will digest it overtime. I like to think in steps because it helps me avoid getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is …

Artist Case Study 5: Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines

        Ever since I combined sculpture and canvas I have been searching for artists who have done the same in the past. I couldn’t find that many. Why was I looking? I guess because I believe that it always helps to build on existing works, and learn from them. One artists I did discover was Robert Rauschenberg. He apparently made art he called “Combines” which involved a cojoining of sculpture and painting. I decided to study a bit about him. Here is what he had to say about the process of his “Combines”: He claimed he “wanted …

The Coding Conundrum

There are so many things I thought I’d do that I still haven’t done: Writing blogposts on all the lectures that have been posted so far Getting around to some art related reading material — still sorely lacking Among other things. But, other than the fact that I am swamped with work trying to pull of my public art project, I have been irrevocably stuck on the digital installation I wrote about earlier. I tried to keep the project simple, but it does require coding. And, for someone like me, who is absolutely new to it, it can be quite …

The Poetry Foundation

Like alot of other blogs, this one is verrryy much overdue. One cold snowy February morning in Chicago, when Manahil and Rayyan were off to the zoo with their dad, Ayla and I decided to go to The Poetry Foundation. The Uber dropped us off in front of a giant glass building with no door in sight and we stood there; me shivering, her nicely wrapped in her snowsuit, wondering where exactly to go. Then I saw a small golden plate on the glass building which led me into a glass corridor that emerged into a garden. Yes, it was …

Women’s day

Women’s day

Women’s day was quite a while back but I forgot to write a blog on a small exhibition that happened at Ascott Hotel Jeddah. It was called “Women Supporting Women” and it exhibited all kinds of arts and crafts. Here are the paintings chosen to be exhibited there:           I absolutely loved the exhibition space. An artsy person could just walk in there and feel at home. Mental note made in case I ever need a space for an art event in Jeddah!           Ayla and I even purchased this adorable pin …