The Trickiness of Travelling

One of the biggest obstacles I faced as an online student was figuring out when and how I would be coming for the final show. This was a problem even more difficult to solve than the one of figuring out what to display. I knew online students were setting up from July 1st-3rd, but coming then meant I’d leave before the final show opening, which would be terribly sad. Because I am the primary care giver for my kids, I couldn’t even leave for a whole 2 weeks unless I brought them with me, but then how would I focus on setting up for the show? Not to mention the expense of living in London with a family for 12 days, keeping in mind we have no relatives there.

Anyway, Jonathan was extremely supportive and suggested I come to set up around 8th July in order to get a chance to be there at the show opening as well. But… I really wanted to experience the show install, meet my classmates and also have my exhibit up before the assessment. So I set about planning. I needed time and money, so I backtracked to a few brands that still owed me for work I had done for them and made sure that money was in the bank. Next, I cancelled literally all the trips I had lined up this year, so that Mohammad would have extra holidays to come with me to London instead.

So now, I can happily and safely say, we are coming to London from the 1st to the 12 of July, and will be staying at a pretty nice little air bnb  (expensive as hell), and dad will be managing babies while mom goes off to be an artist. LOL. Of course, I’m still incredibly nervous. I feel like the onus of this trip is on me. So I pray that everything goes well, by which I mean I get all the stuff for the show together on time, as well as that the kids stay okay during this trip. Because, trust me, with kids, ya never know.

But at the same time, I’m excited! It’s a risky, bold move. But I know I’d be more sorry if I didn’t do it.

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