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A lot of my reflection over the last couple of months, has happened over social media. I would be posting daily on Instagram or Facebook, and the idea was that I never posted for the sake of posting. I only posted if I had something meaningful to say, which has been my goal from the very beginning.

Diverging here a little, but I just want to point out that lately, if you follow public figures on social media you will find after every 20 posts or so, a post describing how they feel this void. That the effort of maintaining their social media presence overwhelms them, they question why they are even here and what value they are adding to people’s lives or are they simply posting perfect lives that make other people feel miserable about themselves? This recurring feature of people feeling bleak after posting every minute detail of their life on social media is so real and inescapable. It’s like an addiction. You start to need to photograph every thing you do from what you ate to what you wore. It simply can’t be healthy, and these posts prove it. Hence my desire and pursuit to use social media as a tool for organic growth and exposure that can actually benefit me and those around me. So far, I seem to be doing okay. Whenever I feel that I’m getting roped into the mentality of competing, comparing and sharing for exposure’s sake only, I immediately withdraw from the space.

Anyway, so I know it will be impossible for my teachers to go through my entire social media profiles and find what is relevant, so I like to give a quick update and share some reflections from there:

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