Visual Journal Overview

My visual journal has a different purpose from most art journaling. I understand that most people like to capture fleeting ideas in their art journals, but that is only part of what I was trying to achieve. For me the visual journal was a great way to beat the fear of making art. If there is no aim, no right or wrong, then the process of creating art becomes freeing and therapeutic. I used simple mediums to create at will in my journal, especially when I felt a struggle in the midst of a project or experiment. It was a way to put my mind to something else entirely, without halting the process of making art. Plus, it was a great way to stay creative and get practice.

I posted on the blog about a few pages earlier, and then I took to posting the journal on Instagram. So here are snippets of my visual journal.

Blind pen doodles on post-its

trying out a waterbrush and mixing ink and watercolors using a gel printing plate!
Sometimes, other people get ahold of my visual journal XD lol!

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