Iridescent Alloy — 2nd try

So this was my second attempt at creating an Iridescent Alloy. I used cellophane to create some initial textures on canvas with gesso, augmented with some heavy modeling paste. The wave was sculpted by hand and the canvas and clay were pour-painted with fluid acrylics separately. I joined the two pieces and then added shards of broken glass to the wave. A lot of detailing with ink had to be done in the end to perfect the piece.

I was really happy with this piece. It also lent a lot of structure to the process of creating one of these alloys.

Photographing the work is tricky since objects in the background detract focus from the Alloy. I usually photoshop the photograph to isolate the image. The above video is the photographs compiled with a royalty free, ocean wave sound added in the background.

This piece was also very well received on Facebook and Instagram which was fun!

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