A little bit of reorganization

Reordering and tidying up always helps me clear my head when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And ever since the research paper discussion my mind has been feeling overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas. It’s the Skype sessions actually, they’re such a boost to motivation your mind suddenly jumps into hyperdrive.

Anyway, I’d been working on the website for sometime and its much neater now I think!

Another thing I changed yesterday was the way the blogs are categorized. I realized that our UNIT 1 ASSESSMENT is broken down into four parts and in order to grade us our teachers need to be able to access the blogs in each of the four categories easily.

So, first of all, I made a new blog category called UNIT 1 ASSESSMENT. After that I transferred all the blogposts into the appropriate categories.

I left some categories within the reflective journal to show exactly what I have been doing more clearly.

And that’s that. Blog reorganized!



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