A record of MPR comments from my classmates

[13/03/2018, 11:43:56] Jonathan Kearney: Kehkashan next http://kehkashankhalid.com/mid-point-review-presentation
[13/03/2018, 11:44:04] Kehkashan Khalid: sorry if i spoke really fast guys 😐
[13/03/2018, 11:44:38] Steph Bebbington: you speak so fast 🙂 !! Lol
[13/03/2018, 11:45:03] VIVIAN / 林梓欣: quite fast but can capture the flow
[13/03/2018, 11:45:06] Nadine Theuma: Kehkashan Your work is embedded in history and craft. I particularly like the fact that you are giving your work a three dimensional space . Taking it a step further and maybe using algorithms to create the ‘mosaic’ would also be interesting.
[13/03/2018, 11:45:15] Iris Wong: I slow it down when I watched ytd lol
[13/03/2018, 11:45:33] J Waring Rago: Kehkashan – In your presentation there is a strong sense of your drive. Different threads are developing and I am interested to follow how you make your “weave” out of them. Somehow, I see a ‘fabric’ emerging out of this.
[13/03/2018, 11:46:03] Steph Bebbington: im going to open it up and slow igt down
[13/03/2018, 11:46:07] Steph Bebbington: I cant keep up lol 🙂
[13/03/2018, 11:46:13] Steph Bebbington: thanks for the mention !!
[13/03/2018, 11:46:15] Steph Bebbington: 🙂
[13/03/2018, 11:46:30] Robin Weijers: What an energy and what a speed. Your video makes the inner stream felt at work, however you present it so overwhelming that it is sometimes difficult to get the meaning of all. Lots of making, reading, thinking, public work going on. It is a fascinating mosaic.
You say you want to make simultaneous narrative work. I would like to know why are you attracted to this? Does your audience need to understand its purpose or is such a context not necessary? What would you like to convey to your audience with the mosaics. Is it about the narrative or the aesthetics?
[13/03/2018, 11:47:49] Charlotte Appleyard: I love the influences from research into practical work, and how this has allowed you to develop (Massive Gaudi fan!). And also how you have taken mosaic out of context in order to further develop your work. I find it fascinating that you have added something extra to the art of painting in order to convey exactly what you want to
[13/03/2018, 11:48:10] VIVIAN / 林梓欣: Kehkashan I can feel the colors, liveliness of your projects. The community project can set the viewer and concrete artist as a whole, to collect response towards your artwork and also create social awareness of art and different topics, it is a good way and platform for presenting artworks
Process and documentation in social media, is a good way for practical experimentation. Mosaic art is related to digital pixels to me, it is interesting to see it , and the fragments pigments also related to the digits of computer as well, is there any further steps you would make in incorporate the digitals and installation in space?How do you feel after the pop up exhibitions? and excited to see your upcoming animations.
[13/03/2018, 11:48:47] Charlotte Appleyard: I also really appreciate that youre taking your work outside of the studio to be involved in galleries, and community art projects
[13/03/2018, 11:49:28] Charlotte Appleyard: (Obviously massive fan of the conversion of the abandoned building into a mosaic landmark!!!)
[13/03/2018, 11:49:39] J Waring Rago: Kehkashan – a high energy delivery!
[13/03/2018, 11:50:08] Lelya Lo: • It will be very interesting to see your animation, as your artworks and mosaic look impressive and beautifully colourful. Also, I was thinking about Gaudi, when watched the video till the part of the research about him. What do you think about the concept of mosaic-style animated art?
[13/03/2018, 11:50:23] Kat: Kehkashan-
– the quotes move a little too fast to read, and the font is not the most legible in this format
– there is a strong body of research and experimentation, inspired by your surroundings and visual artists
– your pop up exhibition looked very professional, and you should be proud of it!
– your journal is an interesting idea and I would like to see it developed further- could the imagery you create become part of your mosaics?
– I enjoy your mosaics as they don’t all follow a narrative, as most people expect from mosaics- exploring colour and pattern is enough for some of your pieces
– have you tired working with resin? It can be layered and become more 3D, although acrylic paints can also be layered in this way, bringing depth to your works
– you talked very fast, which was a little difficult to follow at times
[13/03/2018, 11:50:34] J Waring Rago: oh, you speeded it up? not a good idea!
[13/03/2018, 11:50:48] Eugenia Kas: I am wondering what makes people use such bright colours in their work. It was intense
[13/03/2018, 11:51:00] Anfal Alkandari: Kehkashan i love your work and your interest in mosaic, what i am really interested in is to see more digital experiments of the same idea. is it possible to create motion art where mosaic pieces  build up in different ways to create a story? or maybe a projection of your mosaic work over a sculpture of your work?
[13/03/2018, 11:51:36] Dwa Al Khalifa: Kehkashan – very interactive with the audience and your work tells stories , I love your experimentation with mosaic and how you used different tools to create your art ! The marble porcelain is really nice. I believe your work is very suited for public installations
[13/03/2018, 11:51:39] Arlette AS Chammas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niki_de_Saint_Phalle
[13/03/2018, 11:52:40] Edward Kelly: There is a sense that you are really pushing yourself to question what a painting, scuplture is or what “work” to create artistic experience is in your audience. Your practice sounds really intense – this is fine at this stage. Later on you may feel the need to concentrate on fewer aspects of your practice more thoroughly, but the idea oif mosaic and collage is being expanded here in an interesting way
[13/03/2018, 11:52:49] Dwa Al Khalifa: Brilliant idea of pop up exhibition , see how the audience interacted with you and congratulations on the amazing progress
[13/03/2018, 11:52:50] Arlette AS Chammas: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/163185186474422252/
[13/03/2018, 11:53:21] Steph Bebbington: just watching it slow mo 🙂 again !
[13/03/2018, 11:53:29] Steph Bebbington: KEHKAHSHAN KHALID
Virtual exhibition – allowing a new perspective to the work. A digital experience rather than a physical. This can change perception. Can you form a method to collect comments for feedback.
Simulations narrative- can you expand on the purpose of this to your practice more. What is the intentions with this?
Varied techniques are used- are there key tools in your practice you can hone in to explore further and narrow down?
In relation to your project, in exploring various processes. What would you like to achieve in this?
[13/03/2018, 11:53:33] Dwa Al Khalifa: Community art projects , engaging people with your work is your step forward , keep up the good work !
[13/03/2018, 11:53:40] Steph Bebbington: lovely works being produced
[13/03/2018, 11:53:41] Anfal Alkandari: and sunny park work as well
[13/03/2018, 11:53:45] Anfal Alkandari: d86dae1f9e8a774774bec37f4c39eb77.jpg
[13/03/2018, 11:53:51] Anfal Alkandari: ea49c6d2c39c36553290abe208482fa2.jpg
[13/03/2018, 11:53:55] Kat: my room is so cold :'(
[13/03/2018, 11:54:01] Steph Bebbington: Is space and exhibition integral to your practice- presentation of work?
[13/03/2018, 11:54:46] Steph Bebbington: is the  collaberative important in your work?  Having others engaged
[13/03/2018, 11:55:17] Edward Kelly: …there also seems to be an architectural interest 🙂 Steph
[13/03/2018, 11:55:33] Edward Kelly: Hence reclaiming buildings etc
[13/03/2018, 11:55:35] J Waring Rago: I follow your blog regularly to see how it is all developing – I thought the pop up show was pioneering
[13/03/2018, 11:55:50] Arlette AS Chammas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4lO13WbyT8
[13/03/2018, 11:55:58] Steph Bebbington: does the arcihtectural place become part of the work? Adds to the work itself
[13/03/2018, 11:58:39] Anfal Alkandari: after one hour i ll have to leave i have an important management meeting 🙁
[13/03/2018, 11:58:40] Charlotte Appleyard: Sorry guys, I will have to leave in about 30-40 minutes but rest assured I will provide comments of anyone I miss in my blog this evening! (In a huge meeting with senior management this afternoon :()
[13/03/2018, 11:59:01] Charlotte Appleyard: Haha Anfal – both of us in management meetings! Boo!
Here are the spoken ones too:
Gabriella: I think the last painting she showed, the subconscious one, interested me the most. I think it was really powerful. Just the way you can see all the brush strokes going in the same direction. Also has a very personal touch for me.
Someone: She’s thinking of incorporating sculpture into a painting. She’s working with mosaics, maybe making shapes and maybe making a mosaic sculpture. And using stop-motion as well. She says life is a mosaic so I was thinking little figures made of mosaic.
Someone: To me it seems very clear that she has an interest in color. She should really focus on it and focus on the artists, besides gaudi, like visual artists that use painting. What is it about mosaics that fascinates her? The repetitive part of it? What specific narrative? I’d like to know a bit more in detail about that. I think it will help her develop her practice. But definitely color is something to pursue.
Someone: sent a link for an artist to explore.
Gabriella: The sculpture looked sort of like waves. Stuck up on the wall with paint thrown at it, like a 3D painting. I don’t know why, I thought of a city built up of different colored tiles.
The idea of community art projects is very strong. The pictures could be part of the mosaic. A work mentioned: six billion others, a human mosaic.
Someone: Every choice should be validated. why work in 3D? Everything should be considered. Experiments with color, why? the use of marbling why? Something related to her culture maybe?  There needs to be a link between every choice of material and the narrative.
Jonathan: there’s room for this kind of experimentation 1/3rd of the way through the course, but you do need to start questioning, and defining wht it is you are trying to do.
Someone: It is very important to have visual references to guide us, what are we trying to achieve.
Jonathan: It’s passionate drive. Her work is in karachi, saudi, etc. You all need to hold the balance between focus and playfulness.
Onto reflections!

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