Experiment # 3: Acrylic pour painting

The biggest dilemma I was left with at the end of experiment 1 and 2 was how to incorporate canvas and painting into the idea of mosaics and pieced-together sculptures. When I ran into a pour painting video online, the cells that emerge reminded me of the bits and pieces that comprise a mosaic and it gave me the idea of trying to create a mosaic using paint. And that’s how I came to experiment 3.

Experiment 3 will likely be a very long process of trial and error followed by practice as I see what combinations do or do not work. In the video below I have documented my first “failure” where I used a flipcup to pour paint onto canvas and yet did not really see any cells emerge despite adding silicone oil. The beauty of it is though, the “failure” also left me with a gorgeous work of art and I’m going to see the painting through to completion, because I want to record every painting I make in this trial and error process.

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