Early morning Paper doll Craft!

Dealing with one toddler can be pretty crazy. Bring two toddlers into the equation and the craziness multiplies exponentially. You see, two toddlers swear to always have each other’s back. So just as you heave a sigh of relief after putting the second one down to bed, the first one’s eyes snap open. They take their duties very, very seriously.

That’s exactly what happened this morning. Rayyan stayed up late, while Manahil was conked out at 8 P.M. So obviously, he slept in late, while she woke up early. Perfectly synchronized. And what’s more, Manahil woke up and made the impossible request, which my half-asleep mind could barely process,

“Mama, can you make a loose, tight pony tail for me?”

Because I was a walking zombie, I made that ponytail imperfectly 20 times before I realized there could be no perfect version of this ponytail. That’s when I realized that we needed, to shift our minds from perfect ponytails, was a distraction.

Enter, Doc McStuffin printable paper doll!


I grew up loving paper dolls. So when I found this printable version of Manahil’s favorite disney junior character on their website, I knew it was the perfect activity. It’s very simple, you take a thicker paper (bristol, acrylic, card, anything will do) cut the same size as printing paper and use that to print the doll out on. Then you take some bright crayons, color everything in, and cut the doll and her dresses out and play!

Here’s the Disney Junior Doc Mcstuffin paper doll, in case you want to try this at home!


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