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A record of the continually evolving MA project proposal

Evolution of the project proposal

Evolution of the project proposal

At the beginning of the year, this is what I started with: MA project proposal This was a very raw understanding of what I wanted to do. I could identify inspiration I could identify various strands of my practice I could not see how the pieces fit together I had an idea of the outcome, just now how I could get there The process of arriving at the final project proposal was very organic. So although the final proposal seems like a huge jump from the initial one, blogposts in the middle exemplify the process. In short, digimodernism and an …

Baby Steps…

Everyday I have been taking concrete steps towards realizing my final MA project. Yet, it all exists in my mind like one giant amorphous cloud and the thought of writing it down and giving it shape and form simply terrifies me! But it’s gotta be done right? So I’ve decided to take some time out everyday to pen down some thoughts to provide more clarity, slowly and gradually, till I see a project proposal forming. So here’s today’s haul:

Notes on– Revealing the process through a practice based research project

Lecture by Jo Love Date: Oct 19th 2017 A class or two ago, our course leader Jonathan mentioned the importance of context as we work out our project proposals. I understood it to to mean the arena we, as an artist, chose to work in. Historically, practically, what have other artists been researching/doing that we can learn from? What confounded me, though, was HOW to understand the context specific to my work. This is what I had been thinking about today when I decided to take some time out to listen to the video lecture by Jo Love. At first …