The changing nature of art in lockdown
By Kehkashan K  /  Jun 7, 2020
Reassessing where I’m headed
By Kehkashan K  /  Jun 7, 2020
My continuing journey as a writer…
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The MA Fine Art chapter comes to an end
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The Untold Edition returns
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Tutorial 1

Date: 1st November Professor: Jonathan Kearney This was how I felt before the tutorial. And this is me after: Seriously. It was as if I held unsolved jigsaw puzzle pieces in my head that somehow came together over the course of the conversation. The morning before the tutorial began, I was thinking abstractly about all the concepts which were important to me. I had read the pdf file on writing a project proposal but I wasn’t quite ready to formulate my own. All I knew was: I am interested in story telling I guessed that that categorized my work as …

Notes on– Revealing the process through a practice based research project

Lecture by Jo Love Date: Oct 19th 2017 A class or two ago, our course leader Jonathan mentioned the importance of context as we work out our project proposals. I understood it to to mean the arena we, as an artist, chose to work in. Historically, practically, what have other artists been researching/doing that we can learn from? What confounded me, though, was HOW to understand the context specific to my work. This is what I had been thinking about today when I decided to take some time out to listen to the video lecture by Jo Love. At first …

Visit to Arbab Al Heraf

Every expat I have ever met in Jeddah, artist or no, has always been absolutely certain of one fact: there is no room for the expat artist to grow in Jeddah’s local art scene. Yes, you can get a teaching job, yes, you can even visit art galleries superficially, but to be part of it all? Nope. Not happening. And for the longest time I believed them. After all, it IS daunting to step out of your comfort zone, to put yourself out there without even knowing the language, and try to find a space for yourself. But after the first Skype …

Preparing for the live class on Processing!

Step 1: I downloaded “processing” onto my computer. Step 2: I am watching the beginners’ video which was included in the package Jonathan sent us, since I am entirely new the world of coding and programming! The video began with discussing the various ways in which artists have used programming to create interactive installations and programs. It then moved on to explaining that codes are essentially lines of instruction that dictate to a computer what to do. Our first ever code would be ‘to draw a rectangle’ Instruction is in the form of text, and that is what we call …

Making sense of Symposium 1

Okay, this has definitely been LONG overdue. Symposium 1 happened last week! and I only just now managed to sit down to reflect upon what occurred. But it is not as though I was idling that time away, I have been working on all the aspects I previously mentioned in my post Pause which will help me get steadily nearer to my academic and professional goals. So let’s get down to it. Reflections on Symposium 1 as per the Lawrence Wilke’s model: Remember: If I think back to what stood out for me in the second half of the symposium (which was …