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Post-MPR reflections

Post-MPR reflections

Wow, this is long overdue. The MPR was… overwhelming to say the least; the days preceding it, the actual day and the days that came after. Sharing my art and the thought processes behind it, succinctly I might add, was simply nerve-wrecking, and after the MPR was over I felt spent. There was a bout of demotivation that was very unsettling. Previously we had only ever assessed our actions and thoughts out loud during one-on-one tutorials and that hadn’t been scary because we were talking to our advisor. And Jonathan has this way of making you feel like everything you’re …

Baby Steps…

Everyday I have been taking concrete steps towards realizing my final MA project. Yet, it all exists in my mind like one giant amorphous cloud and the thought of writing it down and giving it shape and form simply terrifies me! But it’s gotta be done right? So I’ve decided to take some time out everyday to pen down some thoughts to provide more clarity, slowly and gradually, till I see a project proposal forming. So here’s today’s haul: