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Iridescent Alloys

When I was applying for this MA, I remember compiling my portfolio. It had a smattering of this and that. I loved many forms of art and I was not ashamed to stuff them all into my portfolio. But even as I compiled it I knew what I lacked: a voice. An individual, unique form of art that represented me as an artist. I guess that is one of the primary things I was searching for when I began this program. I have to admit something. Growing up, I had the WORST art teachers. This is partly the reason that …

Post-MPR reflections

Post-MPR reflections

Wow, this is long overdue. The MPR was… overwhelming to say the least; the days preceding it, the actual day and the days that came after. Sharing my art and the thought processes behind it, succinctly I might add, was simply nerve-wrecking, and after the MPR was over I felt spent. There was a bout of demotivation that was very unsettling. Previously we had only ever assessed our actions and thoughts out loud during one-on-one tutorials and that hadn’t been scary because we were talking to our advisor. And Jonathan has this way of making you feel like everything you’re …