The Untold Edition

Jul 11, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – Jul 14, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

Ready to be part of something big?

To show the world a new side of the city by the sea?

Ready to reshape Karachi’s future?

Come and be a part of The Untold Edition. Make art that tells YOUR story, YOUR memories of this city which has so much potential!

The Untold Edition is a public art project that will build a narrative of Karachi with YOU.

11th July 2018 – Open mic!

12th July 2018 – Art therapy circle

14th July 2019 – Art exhibition!

To be part of the events PM us and we’ll tell you the details!

To submit art for the exhibition follow the guidelines below:

  1. Anyone from anywhere can enter! This means any age, any place. But you will have to mail your artwork to Karachi, Pakistan if it gets selected so be sure to remember that 🙂
  2. Any medium i.e sculpture, new media, paintings, drawings etc are acceptable!
  3. We want to see what Karachi means to you. A good memory; a positive association; a way to make this city better; a landscape of the city; an abstract that conveys your feelings about the city, in short anything that you connect positively to this city of so much potential.
  4. Be unique, but more importantly, be YOU. Your art has a greater chance of getting picked if it represents your style.
  5. Send your art in BEFORE June 15th. You will be notified on June 30th if you have been accepted or not!

Submit your art via email to Deadline: JUNE 15th 2018


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