Category: Secondary Research

A reflectively written summary of all the books I read, talks I listen to and online research I do during this MA in order to develop my final project.

Artist Case Study 1: Antoni Gaudi

After the one-on-one tutorial with Jonathan I was left with plenty of food for thought. One of the ideas that sprung up was that of using trivial, everyday objects to illustrate a deeper narrative. I was inspired by Katherine Mansfield’s writing, where she uses mundane situations and objects to describe a character’s complex thought process. And Jonathan pointed out multiple artists who do the same, for example Jane Wildgoose who has an entire library of objects. Ultimately, it led me to create this piece: When I discussed this piece in the last group critique of the term, Steph said it …

Community project Case Study 1: Confessions

Part of my (as yet unwritten) project proposal is that I want to initiate a public participatory art project in Karachi and/or Jeddah as part of my interest in using art to capture narratives. And you know what they say, “everything that can be invented, has been invented” which, for me, translates into: all ideas stem from existing ideas. So what better way to brainstorm about my own community art project ideas than by examining past and current projects initiated by other artists? Here’s case study no.1: Candy Chang’s project, “Confessions”. Now this project is something I literally stumbled onto …