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Blog posts regarding the events I manage to organize and collaborations I end up being part of.

The Untold Edition — Blogger’s Meetup

One of the ways in which I could simultaneously advance: My understanding of how social media operates My project proposal objective of encourage bloggers and influencers to speak out on things that matter was to host a blogger’s meet-up before my Untold Edition events. So I got in touch with a really cool cafe in Karachi called Esquires Coffee. We invited 20 bloggers to come, network, live Instagram about our project and then write a bit about it later as well. We got some really cool bloggers on board such as: …

Public art with Kaf Cafe

The final outcome I’ve envisioned in my project proposal is a public art installation. To lay the groundwork for creating this installation the next steps I need to take are collaborating with places in Jeddah to create public art to gain exposure and learn more about the process. One such collaboration was with Kaf cafe. I went there originally as part of my weekly AlfKalimah write-in but ended up chatting with the owners. They invited me to exhibit art there, which I will do soon. They also invited me to participate in a fun project they were doing with approximately …

Displaying work at InstaMania

Displaying work at InstaMania

On November 23 and 24th I’m part of a group exhibit called “InstaMania”. Got lots of work to do for it but Unit 1 Assessment comes first! On the plus side, my business cards are ready. To do list: Lots of things to create Finish a couple of Iridescent Alloys get in touch with exprint to see if some of my work can be turned into hi-def prints!